Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Instant. Ramen.

Is the bestest in the worldest. We went to the Instant Ramen factory today, and it was heaps of fun (and tasty, too!). Ramen, for those who are wondering, is Chinese noodles. Instant Ramen is ramen that you just add water to. It tastes awesome!! We made our own, and then I ended up munching on it while we wandered around and looked at stuff. I bought some more presents - I think I have pretty much everyone bought for now - and am wondering how I can get it all back to Brisbane... lol. I'll work it out!

We were nearly late to the Instant Ramen factory, because Juusou station has two 551 shops, one on platform 1 and one on platform 3; we were meant to meet outside the one on platform 3 but two of the Fijian girls got lost and were waiting outside the one on platform 1, so we were very nearly late. It was okay though, we made it in time to do our stuff.

After that, Mel, Lisa and Stephanie went into Osaka for a day of shopping, but I didn't really feel like it so I went home with David, Trav, Kris and Emma. Picked my bike up from the station - I rode with Sogou to the station this morning - and rode it home. Did some uploading of photos - still am uploading, actually. I have somewhere between 500 and 600 photos - closer to 600, I think, and only about 300 uploaded at the moment. I've been slack...

I won't bother captioning photos, it takes too long. If you're terribly interested in knowing what they are, I'll tell, but otherwise... you know, it just takes too much effort, lolz!

K, so that's it for today.

Take care and see you all in Aussieland soon!


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