Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm going to be really bad and probably won't update until tonight, or tomorrow night even. I *might* get a post up this afternoon, if I'm really lucky, but don't go holding your breath.

Didn't update last night because the kids were up quite late and I don't like using the computer while they're up. Saki's okay, she's old enough to know not to play with other people's stuff without asking, but Kai's only 2 and he gets into everything. If he broke the computer it'd be an accident but it'd still be an expensive accident, and I'd rather that accidents didn't happen. So, I couldn't update last night.

I'm going to an elementary school today and teaching some first-graders some "traditional" Aussie games - probably going to go for "What's the time, Mr Wolf" and "Ms Mary Mack", the clapping game. That should fill up the couple of hours quite nicely. After that I've got some free time until about 5, when we are all meeting up with Yumin, an old exchange student who came to QUT last year, and we're going out for drinks and Karaoke. So I'll probably be late-ish home and won't want to update immediately.

I'll tell more about Kendo, Tennis and Kimono classes when I get some more time, right now I'm frantically hunting down music for tomorrow night's welcome party. If anyone has a good copy of a heel and toe polka they can email me before tomorrow night, I'd majorly appreciate it! I can't get hold of a copy online without handing over my credit card details!

Okay, so I gotta run now, have to be at the train station at 10 and need to visit the post office on the way and get some money out...

Love y'all!


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