Monday, November 17, 2008

4 and a half days to go!!

So, this time next week, I'll be in Osaka. It's quite scary how the time has flown. It absolutely dragged while it was coming up to exams, but now that my exams are done, it's bolting past like there's no tomorrow.

I had a really awesome going-away party on Saturday, courtesy of Marissa and Tony. It was heaps of fun, thanks so much guys! I'm sorry only a few people could make it, but that's the way it crumbles, and it's the thought that counts. Sunday was less fun - we had the biggest storm that Brisbane has seen in 25 years hit our area (check out these photos), and the restaurant at which I work was the only place in the area that had power. The brunt of the storm missed us by about 1km - we got about 10 minutes of rain so heavy we couldn't see the brick wall out the front of our house, some fairly impressive thunder and lightning overhead, but no damage. The upshot of all this was that so many people were without power, they couldn't cook dinner so they came to the restaurant instead. We ended up taking care of about 3 times as many people as usual there. I didn't end up leaving work until sometime between 10 and 11pm - not exactly sure of the time. I was meant to leave at 9:15. Crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Dear Uncle Thor, next time you want to have a party, do it somewhere else.

Tonight was my last gaming session with the lads until the new year - I go to Japan at the end of this week (yay!) and then in a couple of weeks one of the lads and his wife are off overseas as well, so it'll be well after Christmas before we resume our gaming schedule. It was an awesome session, ended on a really high note (flawless victory against a red dragon, it didn't hit us once!) I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Tomorrow, one of my girlfriends has something planned for me, that involves us going to Westfields at Chermside. Hopefully this something won't involve TOO much money, as I have practically none at my disposal right now... *sigh*

Between doing this and that, I'm implementing Operation: Pack. Stage one is in full swing - once I finish rambling on here, I've got to go hang out some washing so my jeans will be dry for Friday - maybe before, if the weather clears up! I'm half-hoping it stays wet and grey until I leave, so I won't be pining for lovely Brisbane weather while I'm in Osaka; the other half of me is hoping it clears up so I have some good memories of lovely Brisbane weather to sustain me during Osaka winter.

Okay, enough is enough. Washing machine's finished, so I'd better go take care of it.


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