Friday, November 28, 2008

First day of classes

So, yesterday was my first day of classes at Sonoda. It was quite cool! Our first class was about Early Childhood Education, and we thought it'd be a lecture; however, the girls (it's a class of about 8 plus the teacher) took the opportunity to teach us some traditional Japanese children's games, and then we taught them some Australian kids games - duck duck goose, and What's the time, Mr Wolf. It was heaps of fun. After that, we had lunch - I had Karaagedon, which was awesome. Karaage is crumbed chicken nuggets, in a special sauce, and the -don is Udon, or noodles. It was really good! And only ¥300 (less than $5 AU) for a massive bowl! Awesome value!!!

After lunch, we had our first Japanese, with Fujiwara-sensei. She's lovely!! She's very elegant, and she's a real foodie - she's eaten foods from every corner of the globe. Our first class was... well, all too easy. All of us have done Japanese since High School and have done the "about me", "about my family" and "about my hometown" topics several times before, but we had to do them again. It was okay, but I kinda wish it was a little more challenging. Ah well, you get that.

After that, we returned to the computer labs and then decided to go and watch the Kendo Club's practise. It was intense!! You could almost taste the testosterone in the room, and this was the women's kendo club! I reckon it'd be tons of fun!!

I rode home after watching the Kendo club (I mentioned riding to uni in my previous entry) and got there just ahead of Miki. I helped out with dinner - salmon, with an udon soup, and then after dinner, Saki (little sis) decided she wanted to make an Australia quiz to take to school and show her friends tomorrow, so she grilled me for a while on Australian trivia. It was pretty cool, having to explain Australian customs in Japanese to a 9 year old. My Japanese is getting better and better all the time, and I'm even starting to think in Japanese more often than in English. It's fantastic!!

Okay, well, that's the sum total of my experiences over the past 24 hours!

Missing you all, but having a ball all the same!! Don't forget to check out my photobucket for pictures of my adventures!!


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Platinum said...

LOL I think you're starting to think in Japanese and translate into English - your English, when we were talking last night, was a little halting occasionally; and you were peppering the conversation with Japanese words that weren't people- or place-names - remember I don't speak Japanese! Looks like the trip has been well worth it of only or that.